About us

John Morelli is the founder and visionary behind The Transplant Foundation of New England. Mr. Morelli is himself a multiple transplant recipient who received a heart and liver on March 24, 2012. Prior to his status as a donor candidate, Mr. Morelli led an active life filled with outdoor activities including training to participate in a triathlon in 1995. It was during his training that a benign mass was found in his heart. This procedure severely limited his ability to remain active and was the first of many challenges that lie ahead of him. Medication remedied his heart condition for a period but in 2010, his heart began to deteriorate, causing more damage not only to his heart but also his liver. The damage to the organs was severe and led to Mr. Morelli needing a transplant for both of these vital organs. Mr. Morelli being the sole financial provider and unable to work, soon found out that medication, rehabilitation and all of the accompanying costs presented a tremendous financial burden on the family even with the assistance of health insurance.

To offset the costs, friends and family members supported him through donations. While initially shattering, this life-changing event served as the driving force behind his foundation. Currently, Mr. Morelli strives to offer financial support to those families and individuals in need of assistance. He has also selected a Board of Directors based on their professional experience, relationships, and expertise in their respective fields. This Transplant Foundation Team can also provide emotional support and guide these families through this difficult journey.

Services we provide

Financial Assistance:
Families often incur a great deal of financial hardship during a pre or post-transplant procedure. Through the Transplant Foundation of New England, families will be given the opportunity to gain much needed financial assistance.
Medical Bills:
Medical bills that are incurred as a result of the procedure will be another of the primary areas that the foundation will be able to assist with. The foundation will work diligently to develop resources that offset the expenses families typically face during this period.
Food will be another area that the Transplant Foundation works to provide for the families facing a transplant procedure. Food services will include gift cards to restaurants and local grocery chains.
Oftentimes, transplant patients have relatives out of state. When the relative travels to offer support it can place additional financial burdens on the family due to lodging. With this thought in mind, lodging will be another of the core areas that the Transplant Foundation addresses through their programs through funding and partnerships with local hotels and motels.
Childcare and Entertainment:
Childcare services including daycare centers, after school programs and entertainment for children of all ages. Entertainment will also be provided for other members of the family involved in the process.
Transportation costs including gas cards, parking, train and commuter rail fees will all be financed and paid for through Transplant Foundation funds.